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Hurricane Ida Relief Efforts


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Pastor’s Army is currently responding to communities in need following landfall of Hurricane Ida on Sunday, August 29th. This storm will require a long-term response from our volunteers, and we stand ready to assist as long as there is need.

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Your donations supports Pastor’s Army’s responders on the ground, keeping the focus on response and recovery. Your donations of support are very much needed and welcome in the days ahead for the people of Louisiana. 241349563_385548189706241_443045071919184433_n

A group of faithful servants who by God's grace was lead to the path of Pastor Tony Pittman to aid and help the communities of Houston and Pasadena Texas recover from the devastating effects of a Hurricane Harvey. This group is a amazing bunch of solid volunteers who are filling in the steps selected my only God himself to help these people recover and get back to some type back of normal life. We are currently in Louisiana helping in the recovery efforts after the devastating ladfall of Hurricane Ida.

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